Arm Blood Pressure Machine Factory OEM Wholesale U111


1.AC/DC Power supply with TPYE-C port
2.22-42cm Cuff Circumference
3.90*2 memory
4.Average calculating for the latest 3 times
5.Irregular Heart Beat Indicator
6.Power supply : 4*1.5V AAA batteries
7.LCD with backlight

Customization: OEM/ODM
Spot Stock MOQ: 200 PCS
Wholesale Price
Shipping term: FOB/CIF/DDP
Payment: 30% deposit, 70% balance paymen before shipment


Blood Pressure Machines: Preventive Healthcare

Think again about blood pressure machines being luxuries. Watching your blood pressure machine omron is like watching the stock market. Uncontrolled numbers may spiral out of control. Early detection makes chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, and stroke simpler to control. Regular blood pressure monitoring is the first step.

Why Are Blood Pressure Machines Important?

Would you rather handle a minor issue today than a major one tomorrow? Maintaining your blood pressure gives you and your doctor crucial data. It speeds diagnosis, modifies treatment strategies, and prevents problems. Thus, these handy devices empower you to manage your health actively.

The Global China portable blood pressure machine factory:

China has become the world’s manufacturer, notably for medical products like blood pressure machine wholesale. ‘Made in China’ no longer means cheap quality. Chinese industries now follow FDA and ISO quality requirements. Their goods meet and surpass worldwide criteria thanks to cutting-edge technology and thorough testing.

The Affordable Choice

The cherry on top is affordability. Despite strict requirements, China’s large-scale manufacturing allows them to create superior items cheaply. Consider a Chinese alternative if you want a dependable, affordable blood pressure machine.

While wrist blood pressure devices may be more convenient, arm bp machines are the preferred option for accuracy. If you’re undecided, ask yourself: convenience or precision? Prioritise accuracy in health concerns. Arm blood pressure devices gleam like diamonds in coal mines.

Key Arm Blood Pressure Machine Features

An arm blood pressure machine generally has features to simplify your life. These devices are user-friendly, with big, easy-to-read digital screens and adjustable cuffs for different arm sizes. Memory storage lets you track past data, which is helpful for trend tracking. Many versions now incorporate irregular heartbeat monitoring, dual-user capabilities, and smartphone connection.

The Chinese Advantage in Arm BP Machines

China’s healthcare device technology integration is exciting. The latest Bluetooth and wireless technology allows specific Chinese arm blood pressure units to link with your smartphone. This seamless communication makes it comfortable for users and enables telehealth and remote patient monitoring.


In conclusion, blood pressure devices are essential in contemporary healthcare. They give crucial data to identify or treat major health disorders before they worsen. With China improving its quality and inventiveness, ‘Made in China’ is losing its reputation. China has affordable and dependable arm blood pressure machine. These machines combine cost, dependability, and cutting-edge capabilities, making them an excellent option for proactive health management.



Type Arm Type Blood Pressure Machine
Model No. U111
Cuff Size 22 – 42 cm
User Memory 2 * 90 groups
Accuracy ±3 mmHg / ±0.4 kPa
Pulse Rate Accuracy ±5%
Power Supply AAA * 4 batteries

Pressure Value
Pulse Rate
Product size (mm)
LCD Size
USB 5V adapter

0 – 290 mmHg (0 – 39 kPa)
40 – 199 pulse/min
LCD/LED available
1 year
Color box
57.5 * 62.2 mm



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