Best Factory Wholes Customized Oem Blood pressure meter


1.AC/DC Power supply with TPYE-C port
2.22-42cm Cuff Circumference
3.90*2 memory
4.Average calculating for the latest 3 times
5.Irregular Heart Beat Indicator
6.Power supply : 4*1.5V AAA batteries
7.Touch screen
8.LCD with backlight

Customization: OEM/ODM
Spot Stock MOQ: 200 PCS
Wholesale Price
Shipping term: FOB/CIF/DDP
Payment: 30% deposit, 70% balance paymen before shipment


Finding the Best and Cheapest

 Okay, people, be honest. A blood pressure meter at home is like a good Wi-Fi connection in a health-conscious world—you can’t live without it. Top-notch models and wholesale choices fill the market like pizza toppings in your neighbourhood. How to choose the correct one? Dive in and unravel the labyrinth.

The Blood Pressure Meter: Unsung Hero

 BP meters, sometimes called sphygmomanometers, are essential for cardiovascular health monitoring. It is vital to keep your blood pressure in check regardless of age, activity level, or couch potato. No worries—these meters have improved from their clumsy predecessors. Today, you have several options.

Choosing the Best BP Meters

 Let’s discuss the top bp meters—the Rolls Royce of the industry. For cutting-edge accuracy and features, choose one of these. Some even connect with smartphones. Like having a personal health assistant in your pocket!

Qualities of Best BP Meter

  • Non-negotiable accuracy

A misreading meter is like a powerless phone.

  • Easy to Use:

Anything that requires a Ph.D. isn’t worth it. Choose interfaces and displays that are simple.

  • Extra Features:

Bluetooth, data storage, and numerous user profiles are extras. On top are cherries.

A Thought: Wholesale Blood Pressure Meter

 Not everyone wants a Tesla when a Honda Civic would do. A Wholesale blood pressure meter is a good choice for clinics or those who seek a simple solution.

Benefits of Wholesale

 Cost-Effective: Bulk purchases frequently save—Economics 101.

Quality Control: Buying wholesale doesn’t inevitably lower quality. Many wholesale providers sell international-standard equipment.

Versatility: You may select the model that best meets your requirements from these meters’ versatility.

The Catch

 A catch is always there. Wholesale meters are cheap, but they may lack premium features. Bluetooth and significant data storage aren’t included; only some need them.

The Balance Act

 It’s about balance. Choose the finest if you require a professional and best BP meter or want the newest features. Wholesale solutions are available if you require numerous devices for a community centre or a basic device for occasional home usage.


 Dating blood pressure meters is like navigating dating. Identify what you want, identify your deal-breakers and compromise. Make sure the caviar or tuna sandwich fulfils your demands and quality standards. No one wants to gamble with their health. Happy shopping!



Type Arm Blood Pressure Meter
Model No. U151
Cuff Size Fits arms with circumference between 22 and 42 cm
User Memory Stores data for 2 sets of 90 measurements
Accurate Measurements Accurate readings within ±3mmHg/±0.4kPa
Power Supply Powered by 4 AAA batteries or a USB 5V adapter
Pulse Rate Range

Blood Pressure Range
Display Screen
Product size (mm)
Pulse Rate Accuracy
LCD Size
Measures pulse rates in the range of 40 to 199 pulses per minute

0-290mmHg (0-39kPa)
LCD with optional backlight
1 year
Color box
Pulse rate accuracy within ±5%


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