Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Wholesale From Omron OEM Factory U121


1.AC/DC Power supply with TPYE-C port
2.22-42cm Cuff Circumference
3.90*2 memory
4.Average calculating for the latest 3 times
5.Irregular Heart Beat Indicator
6.Power supply : 4*1.5V AAA batteries
7.LCD with backlight

Customization: OEM/ODM
Spot Stock MOQ: 200 PCS
Wholesale Price
Shipping term: FOB/CIF/DDP
Payment: 30% deposit, 70% balance paymen before shipment


The Silent Sentinels of Healthcare: Blood Pressure Monitor

These monitors provide discreet support for a healthy life. Imagine guards at your well-being’s gates. Their job? About alerting you about invaders like hypertension or heart disease. Let’s talk about bp monitors, including Omron, the industry leader and the finest.

Blood pressure monitors are essential.

Hold on, guys! If “I feel fine, so why bother?” you may be playing hazardous. Blood pressure changes like the weather—sometimes without notice and sometimes without feeling different. Regular monitoring may detect health issues early.

The Omron Edge: Pack Leader

Omron is a health tech heritage. For years, this firm has made high-quality, trustworthy bp monitors. Imagine Omron as the Michael Jordan bp monitors. Their gadgets undergo thorough testing and frequently surpass national and international standards.

Technical Innovations from Omron blood pressure monitor manufacturer

Omron is the Apple of healthcare tech. They innovate regularly. Cutting-edge features include Bluetooth communication with your smartphone and abnormal heartbeat detection. Imagine tracking your health data with a phone touch. How awesome is that?

Quality Control: Omron’s Advantage

Medical device quality is an obligation, not a standard. Omron takes this seriously. They undergo quality inspections throughout manufacture to ensure you receive a lifeline.

How to Choose the Best BP Monitor

Bp monitors are like life partners—you want dependability, durability, and simplicity of use. What to watch out for:

1.Accuracy: No question. Period. The instrument should deliver reliable readings.

2.Easy Use: Nobody likes to battle with confusing health buttons and settings.

3.Data storage: Saving prior readings may alter everything. It helps you and your doctor see patterns.

4.Additional Features: Extra features like abnormal heartbeat monitoring and multi-user capability may sweeten the sale.

Affordable vs. Features

You may get a cheap bp monitor. Remember, you usually get what you pay for. A well-known brand like Omron may cost more upfront but save you dependability and features.

The verdict: What makes the best blood pressure monitor?

The finest bp monitor combines accuracy, use, and extras. You’ve won if you locate a gadget that meets all these criteria and matches your budget!


Blood pressure monitor is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, not merely devices. Omron leads in innovation, quality, and dependability. To choose the best blood pressure monitor for your health, consider accuracy, convenience, and features.

Feature Specification
Product Name Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Model No. U121
Display Mode LED display
Measurement Method Oscillographic method
Automatic Shutdown Not used within 2 minutes
Weight 251g (without batteries)
Blood Pressure Measurement ….
Measurement Range

Blood Pressure
Power Supply Modes
Appearance Size
Measuring Range
Cuff Size


0-280 mmHg (0-37.33 kPa)

±3 mmHg / ±0.4 kPa
4XAAA batteries (DC 6V) or Type-C (DC 5V)
1 year
137mm * 109mm * 70mm
Color box
40-199 times/min
22-42 cm


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