Shockwave Therapy Machine SKW06


factory wholesale portable shockwave therapy machine for home use


  • Portable
  • Handle Base
  • Use everywhere
  • Electromagnetic
  • Deep Penetration
  • No Pain No Bruises
  • Suitable For ed, Foot etc


Details of Shockwave Therapy Machine SKW06

Model SKW06 Name Shockwave Therapy Machine
Type Electromagnetic Switch Host Button Switch
Base Handle Base Switch Foot Switch
Operating Handle 3.0mm Depth Handle Interface 1 Handle Chain Interface
Functions 10 types Interface 2 Foot Switch Chain Interface
Frequency 1-18hz Socket Power Chain Port
Power 230va Number Of Probes 7 (#1-#7)
Voltage Ac220v/50hz Ac110v/60hz Weight 15kg
Display Screen 8 Inch Control Touch Screen Packing Size 56*45*35mm
Warranty 1-year warranty for main products, 3-month warranty for vulnerable parts


Advantage of portable electromagnetic shockwave therapy machine.

Compare with traditional pneumatic, portable electromagnetic shock wave therapy device has the following advantages: The treatment process feels mild, without obvious side effects. Deep, able to penetrate bone and deep tissue.more portable for treatment anytime, anywhere

What portable electromagnetic shockwave therapy machine does Landyu wholesale?

Our machines, plus core components and systems are all the same. In order to cater to different markets and customer groups, we design different appearances. There are 6 different designs in SKW02, SKW04, SKW05, SKW06, SKW07, and SKW08.

Technical description

The hardware structure, injection molding parts, connectors and most of the electronic parts of this machine comply with the EU RoHS directive. Only a few parts have not been replaced by toxic and hazardous substances or elements for the time being due to global technical level restrictions that may affect product reliability.


1.MOQ&Delivery Date


Delivery Date: Depends on quantity and type of model

2. Port of loading

Chinese Main port

3. Why choose us instead of a factory?

  1. More models&more brand
  2. Accept small orders with lower prices than the factory.

4. What services Landyu provide?

Terms: DDP(Door to Door), EXW, FOB, CIF.
Payment Type: T/T,L/C,MoneyGram,,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow.
Language Spoken:English,Chinese, Cantonese, Bhasa Indonesia


Is this your first time importing goods? Please read the following

I have no experience in importing goods and I don’t know the process, can I purchase?

Of course, Landyu supports home delivery and DDP trade terms (Door to Door).

We will help you with customs clearance and shipping.

I have no experience in international payments, can I pay for my goods?

Yes, Landyu has bank accounts in various countries and you can transfer money directly to Landyu’s bank account in your country.

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